He was recruited under the Galactico policy but failed thoroughly

The multi-defunct body of Arturo Vidal (33, Inter Milan), a mountaineer of Chilean football history, Alexis Sanchez (32, Inter Milan) is drawing attention.

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) announced on the 7th (Korea time) that it will postpone the 2022 FIFA World Cup South America qualifying round, which was scheduled to be held in March due to strict quarantine restrictions due to the spread of Corona 19. The 10 South American nations planned to play two World Cup qualifiers, but the spread of Corona 19 made it difficult for them to draw out due to the strengthening of the containment measures and quarantine regulations.

The South American players are now able to take a break from their teams, with Chilean nationals Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez also taking short vacations, such as Danbi, on a tight schedule. They have long devoted themselves to their country. Vidal has scored 32 goals in 119 games since 2007, and Sanchez started his national team career in 2006 and scored 44 goals in 133 games.

Vidal and Sanchez, who have long been in the Chilean national team, have been playing together in Inter Milan since this season, and Sanchez is the first player to come to Inter Milan. Sanchez stepped into Jussepe Meacha through a loan transfer from Manchester United ahead of last season, and has since moved completely to form a ball against Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez.

Vidal has joined Inter Milan this season. He was in charge of a part of the middle class in Barcelona, but he left as if he were kicked out of Inter Milan because he could not avoid the generational change that had been blowing after Ronald Cuman took over. He has been in the 30th game of the official game this season and is still showing off his skills even though he is in his mid-30s.

The two teams, which have become the same after the national team, seem to have spent their leisure time together recently. Vidal posted on the SNS on the 25th that he boasts Sanchez and solid abs at the gym and said, “I am preparing my brother’s upcoming schedule.”Fans responded by commenting, “It is full of perfection in one picture, it is a meeting of Chilean football machines.”

Inter Milan, where Vidal and Sanchez are playing, is currently in the lead of Serie A, with 65 points and one more game, and six points behind AC Milan. If the current trend continues, Juventus will be able to win the title in 11 years after winning the 2009-10 season Scouteto (Serie A trophy) by stopping the league’s ninth consecutive loss.
Real Madrid are even gorgeous in terms of players who have failed in the team.

Real is the mega club that represents Europe. Real is the dream club that every footballer dreams of at least once. Real, who had long maintained his reputation, solidified the image of the star corps by implementing the “Galactico Policy” after Florentino Perez served as chairman in 2000. ‘Galactico’ means Milky Way in Spanish, which is a word made by comparing Real with superstars.

As part of the Galactico policy, many stars were recruited. Perez was enthusiastic about investing astronomical capital. These include Luis Figo, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Fabio Cannavaro and Zinedine Zidane, as are Cristiano Ronaldo, 스포츠중계 Karim Benzema, Xavi Alonso and Mesut zil. They are all revered as legends, leading the brilliant period of Real.

There are cancers if there are people, and many players have been recruited under the Galactico policy but have failed thoroughly. “The Sun” in the UK said on the 26th (Korean time), “Real has not spared much spending. Every summer, people are attracted to the recruitment that surprises people. However, there are players who have not justified the transfer fee. “

The first player mentioned is Ethan Azar, who rallied as Europe’s top winger, flaunting his crack side at Chelsea, set foot in Santiago Bernabeu in 2019. The transfer fee was as much as 115 million euros (about 153.4 billion won), which was expected to fill the vacant spot where Cristiano Ronaldo left, but Azar reversed. He has only been injured 11 times and scored only four goals in two seasons. Real is embarrassed by his appearance as a “glass body.”

Luka Yovi, who came at the same time as Azar, was also picked up; Yovi scored 17 goals in Frankfurt in the 2018-19 season, and was called a Serbian bomber. Real has spent 63 million euros (about 84 billion won) to reduce his dependence on Benzema, which has confirmed his bid for Jovi, but Jovi has been in the worst condition and has fallen to Gyereuk. It is now leased to Frankfurt.

Kaka was also included: Kaka, who was recognized as Europe’s best player through his performance in AC Milan, was placed in Real’s arms, which paid 67 million (approximately 89.4 billion won) in 2009.But Kaka did not see the light at Real due to injury and poor performance: Azar, Yovic, and outside Kaka, Danilu, Antonio Casano, Jonathan Woodgate and Wesley Snyder were named.

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