I’m gonna need to fit Tom Brown’s top glasses

Today, you can see Tom Brown glasses frame in Cheongju

I’m going to post a review from Muse Eye Opticians.

In addition to Tom Brown, TVR, Yuichitoyama, Akru, Dita, Modo, Rash, Native Suns, Karin, Nishidekazuo, gold glasses, Jacques Marimage, Alem, Dior, etc….

I’ve been taking pictures of the brand

The fact that there are so many more…!

There are all the brands that a lot of entertainers wear.

It’s almost a Cheongju glasses editing shop!

Cheongju Angyeong store Muse Eye is located in Gangseo-dong near the high-speed intercity bus terminal.

There’s an underground parking lot, so you don’t have to park in the alley.

On either side of Muse Eye are Hi-Mart and Two Thumb Place.

The business hours are from 10:00 to 9:00 p.m. every day.

(We are closed every fourth Sunday)

As soon as I entered, I saw a lot of glasses and chandeliers on the ceiling, neatly displayed in a wide, bright interior.

Muse Eye, which was pleasant to air due to air conditioner

Originally, I was on the exhibition of Tom Brown, so I went to see Tom Brown. In addition, there are so many kinds of glasses brand, so I do not know how long it took to see it all.

Let me explain a few dogs and go over quickly?!

(Brine, to list it as knowledge-building)

There were many people who wondered where the glasses were because the actor Shin Se Kyung wrote on YouTube, and it was a brand product called Akur.

When I search TVR, Arnell is the most popular, and Arnell glasses are popular in the middle of the day? I did not know the trend of glasses because I made lenses everyday from some day, but TVR glasses are famous for their light and well-made products.

Dita had eyewear and Lansier.

Dita Eyewear is said to be made to express unique luxury and uniqueness using all materials using the highest grade beta titanium and in the case of acetate using a unique tumbling process.

Dita Lansier is a lineup that emphasizes activity and sports in Dita Eyewear. It is made up of lightweight titanium with glasses frames, and the nose pad and the temple part of the ear are made of human-friendly silicone, so it is strong to flow down and it can be worn comfortably by those who are allergic to metal.

It has the advantage of being able to choose exclusive sunglasses lenses such as driving, fishing, climbing.

The products with post-its next to the glasses were marked for months from the day’s release.

Tom Brown, who has never heard of a luxury brand before!

With Dita, there are many 레플리카 glasses that are neat and suitable with the sensational and trendy feeling of the United States with premium eyewear made in Japan.

I thought that these brand glasses would be able to get out of Cheongju and only in the big city editing shop, but it was a great advantage that Cheongju glasses muse eye can easily watch and wear.

There were three glasses on this side, and there were limited edition glasses from the glasses on the Muse Eye

gold glasses that everyone who likes glasses knows

The glasses made from one plate say that all products do not have any screws.

It was the lightest glasses, but I thought that the products that were floated in the feather glasses were made with the motif of Mikita.

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