The world I endured alone

Ah-young, a girl who is more powerful and lives alone than anyone else. Ah-young, who was in desperate need of money as a senior in children’s studies and a child at the end of protection, becomes a babysitter with the introduction of her friend.

It’s not enough, but I try to raise a child by myself. But I feel burdened and hire a babysitter Ayoung. At first, she doesn’t like Ah-young because she is young, but when she sees Ah-young taking care of her child more than herself, Young-chae slowly opens her mind.

One day, Ai Hyuk’s accident cracked their relationship. As a result, A-young quit her job as a babysitter and A-young, who was a senior in the department of children’s studies, will go to a daycare center on the recommendation of Professor A-young.

Ah-young is heartbroken and thinks of Ai-hyuk when she sees the child who didn’t want to go home from the daycare center. The teacher at the daycare center who went to practice says not to love the child too much. It’ll be hard for you later.

Yeongchae, who could not raise Hyuk alone, sent his son Hyuk for illegal adoption. I’m so heartbroken after I let go of my son that I drive at night without even turning on my car lights I end up in a car accident.

After hearing the news, A-young comes to the hospital and asks how Hyuk is doing. I feel very betrayed when I see the house where I can’t answer. Yeongchae says that you should choose your life and not Let’s Go, but sweep it and choose the damn thing to draw attention to your life.

Knowing the pain of growing up alone more than anyone else, A-young comes back to find Hyuk who illegally adopted her. Open your eyes and take Hyeok to an illegal adoption surrogate mother When I say, “I think I can raise him alone, and my child becomes unhappy,” the surrogate p2p사이트 mother says to A-young, but A-young brings Hyuk without hearing anything. I walk out bravely.

When he hugs Hyuk who brought him to Yeongchae, he cries and says he can’t raise him. Watching it, A-young bravely asked Yeong-chae to raise it together, saying he would help her. Youngchae and Ayoung Hyuk walk to a crowded place and the movie ends.

At first, I didn’t want to see it because I thought it would be sad. But I saw it because of its attraction. I watched it because of the three actors, Kim Hyang-ki, Ryu Hyun-kyung, and Yeom Hye-ran, who are known for their good acting. Also, if I were Ah-young in the drama, I wonder if I would have been able to overcome this harsh world at this age.

It is a movie about an orphan and a single mother becoming a family. After watching this movie, I thought that I should not have prejudice against orphans or single mothers. Also, salt salt doesn’t help me as much as this character in the play, but I want to be an adult who can just stay by my side and give me a little help.

Just because I’m an orphan because I’m young, I hope I can be a little bit of help to people who are prejudiced and have a hard time living because I’m a single mother. It’s not a movie I made, but I hope this warmth will encourage and help them.

I hope that we will not only accept family members as mother, father, and siblings, but also accept various family forms, such as grandmother, aunt, aunt, sister, and uncle, as our neighbors.

It’s a heartwarming movie I haven’t seen in a long time. I hope these two can live really well as a family even in an unbiased world.

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